The Planner Workshop Canberra | The Planner Academy

They say that “Planner friends make the best friends”… Wita and Aline met through the planner community on Instagram. They are both active creative workshop attendees and they noticed that there was nothing related to creative planning in Canberra or Australia. They decided to combine their knowledge of the planner world and turn it into a fun and functional workshop, where you can learn not only how to pretty up your planner but also how to make it functional. Although Wita and Aline are both #planneraddicts, they bring different styles that when combined will turn this workshop into a fun and unique experience.


Aline is the face behind VIP Planner on Instagram and Youtube. She has always been a “plannerholic” and she really found herself once she discovered the planner community over three years ago. Aline has tested the most popular planning styles and methods and today she spends time doing PR for some of the best planner shops around, prettying up her planners and setting new trends in the planner community.


Wita started her blog Design is Yay in 2012 when she had newly moved to Canberra and needed a creative outlet. When she bought her first planner in 2014, she discovered the wonderful world of planners, and she started sharing about it on her blog and instagram as well. Since then, Design is Yay has been a go-to inspiration for stationery and planner addicts in Australia and all over the world. She has also worked with brands such as Avery, Hp and Officeworks. Whenever Wita shares about how she decorated her planner with her own doodles and handwriting, readers would comment on how they would love to have her doodles on their planner, and that was when she decided to create Doodlesdo Stickers, where she now sells functional and cute planner stickers featuring her own original doodles.